Meet the Founder: Eric "Mad Dog" Madigan. USMC

As a former United States Marine and Survival School Trainer and Lecturer "Mad Dog" serves as the Emergency Preparedness Specialist for a numerous health care facilities here in California, including Dignity Health, Henry Mayo Clinic, Sutter Health and the Betty Ford Center.

How it All Started: "While watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I realized as the disaster unfolded, that there we no waterproof emergency prep kits available for people who were literally up to their necks in water. Within a week, I had created my first product, The Emergency Tube, a waterproof floating tube that contained food, water and first-aid kit that can be easily spotted after being dropped from a helicopter."


After, it's success I was commissioned by the Northridge Medical Center (At the Epicenter of the 1994 Major Earthquake) to create the an outside stand-alone unit to support the entire hospital staff and patients, totaling nearly 4000 people for 96 hours, and that's when the (EPU) Emergency Preparedness Unit was born. These units are made out from a half or full-sized cargo container customized to securely hold enough food water and supplies to support thousands of people. 

Soon, I realized that there was a need for hospitals to have an independent and outside specialist to assist them in their Emergency Operational Planning (EOP). Now, my area of focus is large-scale nutrition and water planning for patients, staff and "Surge" population after a massive disaster. I work with Joint Commission creating programs and strategies to help satisfy their compliance requirements in terms of large-scale emergency and disaster planning.

If you have questions regrading emergency preparedness for your hospital or facility feel free to send me an email with your question.

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Emergency Food and Water Preparedness


"We serve as the logistic partners for medical facilities and work intimately into their planning. We understand not only emergency nutritional requirements for patients and employees but also the real-world applications of a “Surge Population" that directly follows any large-scale emergency."


Emergency Preparedness Kits 

Here are the 3 kits from my factory that I believe are the best basic coverage for one, two or a group of people in case of any emergency.